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06:43am 09/10/2006
I've spent the week taking it easy, resting and recovering - have been working hard workwise though, with PD leaving at the end of this week.

The weekend was spent (after working) pretty much mainlining Veronica Mars. Watched some SGA with K too :) kae_dash and fleur_du_soir went out (leaving about 11pm) Saturday night, I was 3 eps from the end of Season 1 when they got home just shy of 3am.

Slept then watched the final three episodes while K slept in.

Went to wander over to black_samvara's house for BSG Season 3, but messed up bus times and decided it was all too hard, and went home. Contributing factor was leaving my phone at work, I'm not afraid to admit that I rely on it heavily to be contactable and interactive in an organised fashion, however having said that, the freedom of not being contactable rocked.

Started Season 2 Veronica Mars when I got home instead.

Went to Sizzler with farleigh_30 and kae_dash and the meal verily rocked. One of the best steaks I've had, ever. Sizzling steak with garlic butter mushrooms. I also had some of their new spring salads - Sweet potato and rocket with pine nuts, Tuscan bean and corn salad, Meditteranean pesto pasta salad, not to mention the icecream tasted good - very different to the usual soft serve.

Came home and watched Supersize Me, and were profoundly glad not to live in the US, and also started thinking of what we wanted to take from it. What probably turned us off the most was softdrink - we don't drink much in any case. There was some incredible artwork shown all the way through it, which both K and I really noticed.

There were plenty of other thoughts, however having said that I'm just not in the brainspace to share. I'm rather bored and over the day and looking forward to going home. I'm doing electronic re-filing, in a system that is irritating, but, just one of those things that needs to be done.

PD is happy with my drafting of the Business Requirements from the work I came in to do on Saturday, so I'm hapyp about that - it needed more detail and some technical names of software and technology but overall I'm pleased with the odd learning process I've been thrust into.

4 more days till PD leaves. Missing him already.
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